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My Sister's Keeper

As women we require love. As your sister/ friend, when you're hurting…I'm hurting. When you're so connected with your friends/ sisters you can't help but to carry their burden; as women we're emotionally connected. When your sister feels such an emptiness you can only cry out to The Lord. May God fill that empty void and in the Mighty name of Jesus it's done! My love as your sister can't sustain you like the love from your spouse. So I will go before God on my knees and pray that he gives you the love you seek, patience to wait on him, and wisdom for those big decisions. As a woman of God you have to know who your dealing with. Everyone has their own baggage; if your spouse doesn't know how to display love and you can't reach him, you have to take alternative measures to restore your marriage. I'm a firm believer that counseling (group and individual) is a great start on the road to recovery.

I'm sure some of you watch the Mary Mary reality tv show. When Tina was broken you couldn't help but to see Erica was wounded also. Through the tv I could feel the pain and cried right along with them.

As your sister I wish I had the power to take your hurt away…when it runs so deep……God is the only on that can reach the both of you. My sister Im praying that your marriage be restored.

XOXOXO Always be FANCY!!!