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Super Mom

This is from my previous blog, but it is wonderful to see how busy I was two years ago.

I have been so busy with all of these activities my kids are in. My Saturday going as follows:

(1) Worked out with my trainer (2) Take my oldest (Skylynn) to soccer game (3) Start on my youngest, Iyanna, hair (at the game, I'm almost done) (4) Drop my hubby off at school (5) Drop my oldest off at Swag Saturday, church (6) Enroll Iyanna in gymnastics (7) Drop Iyanna off to Cheer coach (didn't happen, misunderstanding with the bus-our schedule wouldn't allow for us to drive an hour away for a game) (8) Pick up hubby from school (9) Pick up Skylynn from church (10) Complete new client consultation for Sisterlocks (11) Take Skylynn to eye doctor (exam and new glasses) (12) Finish Iyanna's hair (13) Take kids to see Ninja Turtles at the movie theater (14) My nail appointment will be moved to Sunday after church 😳

We are wonderful moms and there is nothing like us. That is why you always have to make time for yourself. That is one of the reasons I get my nails done about every to weeks (that is what I like to do, you may like to go to the spa, or reading). I'm also starting back at school to get my masters in business. The online thing isn't working for me. If no one has told you today………Your blessed and God's FAVOR is all over you!

Continue to be Fancy my Dolls! XOXOXO

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